I had the pleasure of working with Corinne on a project. The Project was a multi-structure residence as well as a multi room office space that was being re-designed. 

I found Corinne to be attentive and understanding of our needs. She was able to develop an overall plan and style that was appropriate for our use and exceeded our expectations. Corinne, in my opinion, went above and beyond in all manners of the project. 

She has a great style and is able to work with varied budgets. Her note-keeping and budgeting were exceptional. I found her to be very thoughtful and detail oriented while being creative. She was able to deliver a finished product that exceeded our thoughts or expectations. 

I highly recommend her as a designer. I think she showed impeccable work ethic and is extremely talented. 

Jay Serle, PhD

I have lived in my apartment for 7 years and was so ready for a change! I didn't know how or where to start. With a bit of hesitation I called Corinne.

Wow, I was in awe...within minuets she started to share with me the things that needed to be changed and gave me easy solutions to make them happen.

immediately my heart was so happy, when the one though I had been having "I need to find a new place to live", was gone. 

Corinne gave me the tools to make my home feel full of fresh new energy.

I trusted her and followed all of her recommendations and I am still so happy every time I open my front door after a long day of work and feel my sweet home, filled with joy and a beautiful flow of energy.

Merci, Corinne! I am so thankful for your gift of creating a home that feels like this!

Daniela Fournier

Corinne was thoughtful , creative and amicable while working on our project. She worked with a limited budget and timeline -  Even with those parameters, she was able to transform the environment and help us reach our goals.

- Cherlyne Majors, PhD